Mrs. Duangkamol Jiambutr, Director of GIT

GIT’s 20th Anniversary

"Marketing" is one of key driving forces for GIT to move forward and gain wider recognition. And it is a primary mission of the current Director of the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand. As a marketing expert, she is keen to bring her experience and knowledge to brighten GIT’s strengths.

From a Marketing Expert… to One of "GIT" ’s Personnel

"I am honored to work with GIT and take part in building consumers’ confidence in gem and jewelry products of which inspection is GIT’s main mission. We have highly skilled officers, advanced equipment, verification procedures, and internationally standardized ISO system. Our verification system is 100% accurate and reliable," Mrs. Duangkamol Jiambutr, Director of the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, described her feeling and confidence toward GIT.

She also said that after having worked with GIT for about a year, her attitude toward buying gem and jewelry products for herself has changed. She shared her knowledge to her friends and she wants general public to understand more about gem and jewelry products’ standards.

"Formerly, when making recommendation to anyone buying gemstones, I would recommend familiar jewelers or widely praised jewelers. After having worked with GIT, I have observed and understood that every characteristic of gemstones can be checked by scientific methods. Since there are synthetic diamonds and gold plated products available these days, a certification is necessary. General consumers like us are unable to distinguish between natural and synthetic ones so we need experts to help us examining and certifying their quality."

Although at present gem and jewelry business operators are GIT’s primary customers who submit gem and jewelry products for identification and certification from GIT, Mrs. Duangkamol, fully filled with DNA of marketing expert, believes that in order to elevate the industry, we must promote significance of gemstone standards among general public so it becomes recognized. "Marketing" is the key to boost their awareness.

"I think that standards of gem and jewelry products are necessary for promoting image and reliability of Thai products as well as building the country’s image. GIT takes a prominent role and possesses strong expertise on the field. I also believe that marketing is essential because no matter how good our products are, without marketing, people will not know us. Hence, I want GIT to gain more recognition among general public. Building their trust in GIT will raise recognition of GIT’s products and services, standard certification, and personnel skill development training courses for the industry’s work force."

GIT in the Thailand 4.0 Era

Mrs. Duangkamol explained that marketing in the Thailand 4.0 era needs networking. New marketing channels or technology innovations must be employed to assist business operation. They are extremely necessary especially in this digital age. GIT is ready to work conjointly with other sectors to support Thai business operators in technical matter, design, and research and to encourage capacity building for private sector.

Since having been appointed as GIT’s Director, Mrs. Duangkamol has implemented many projects to promote capacity development for business operators, for instance, a project entitled Inheritance and Identities which focuses on capacity of business operators in different regions wanting to upgrade from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to original design manufacturers (ODM) and business operators with their own brands (OBM). GIT has dispatched teams of experts to 15 provinces in 6 regions to help business operators identifying local identities in order to create contemporary jewelry pieces with unique identity of each locality. New techniques have been used in manufacturing. Products have been distributed through modern marketing channels such as online markets and gem and jewelry business has been integrated with tourism industry.

"Having explored each region with experts, we found that each locality has its own identity capable of becoming a selling point. However, nobody has expanded it to form a selling point. For example, Kanchanaburi is famous for black spinel, experts and business operators helped seeking local identity and found a local flower called Kanchanikar. It was used as a model for local craftsmen to develop into jewelry pieces and has become a new selling point of the area."

Apart from business operators, GIT has carried out a project concerning product standards to upgrade and develop Thai gem and jewelry industry, namely, a project to establish a standard marking for precious metal jewelry or hallmarking to assure buyers that products sold are standardized quality products. Additionally, GIT hosted the industry’s major event, World Ruby Forum 2017, in November 2017 and co-hosted CIBJO Congress 2017 in the same month with Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). The events were attended by an overwhelming crowd of the global gem and jewelry industry.

GIT’s 20th anniversary is another special event in 2018. Mrs. Duangkamol said that if GIT were a person, the person would reach his legal age. She wants the institute to become a person of working age who works competently and is trusted by agencies and business operators. At such age, GIT should be trusted by everyone.

"When people see GIT, they should be ensured that we will offer them assistance regarding product quality certification, technical issues, and competency development of the industry’s personnel."

And to celebrate such occasion, GIT will hold various special activities of big-event scale for people in the gem and jewelry industry and gem and jewelry product fans. The events include the first reunion for GIT’s alumnus in May. The alumnus will have an opportunity to meet and share their experience as well as enhance their relations to form future business opportunities. In September, the important month which marks GIT’s anniversary, GIT will host the 6th International Gem & Jewelry Conference (GIT 2018). It is an international gem and jewelry academic seminar where top leaders of the industry will share their exclusive in-depth business experience.

Mrs. Duangkamol also said that to keep up with GIT’s helpful events, you can visit GIT’s website at and the institute’s Facebook page at