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FGA - Gemmologist Diploma Programme

FGA Class

FGA - Gemmologist Diploma Programme 350 hrs.

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) (GIT), in collaboration with the Gemmological Association of The Great Britain (Gem-A), the world's first gemological institute, opens the gemologists training course recognized by gem and jewelry industry worldwide under the entitlement of Fellowship of the Gemmological Association (FGA) Certificate. The course is purported to enhance the potential of gem inspection entrepreneurs at the international level. Graduates will be granted the FGA diploma and to able to sign gem certificates. The diploma will also build the customers' confidence in purchasing gem.

Qualifications needed

Basic knowledge is not required. Ability to write and read in English.

Language of Instruction



289,000 Baht

Course contents
Foundation Course
  1. The Nature of Gem Materials
  2. Natural Gem Materials
  3. Crystalline Materials
  4. Fashioning of Gemstones
  5. Gem in Jewery
  6. Specific Gravity
  7. Color in Gems
  8. Natural, Artificial, Imitation and Treated
  9. Gem Materials
  10. Optical Magnification, the 10X lens and the Microscope
  11. Nature of Light; It's interaction with Gem Materials
  12. Non-Visible Radiation; X-ray, UV and Infrared uses
Diploma Course
  1. The Nature of Gem Materials
  2. Structure and Propoties
  3. Color and Optical Propoties
  4. Advanced Optical Gem Testing
  5. The Electromagnetic Spectum and Spectroscopy
  6. Non-Optical Properties and Gem Testing
  7. The Microscope, Magnification and The study of Inclusions
  8. Fashioning of Gem Materials
  9. Manufacture of Artificial Gem Materials
  10. Treated Gem Materials
  11. Gem Materials of Inorganic Origin
  12. Gem Materials of Organic Origin

gem-a stones

Participants will receive the following as part of the course fees:

  • Complete Theory Notes and Practical Lab Manual
  • 10X Loupe and Pen Light
  • Hand-Held Spectroscope
  • Stone Cloth and Tweezers
  • Crystal Structure Kit